This blog began as a space to share my experiences starting out in software engineering and has evolved into a growth journal as I define my career path through data science and into AI.

I started the blog while attending Hackbright Academy in the spring of 2013 with the original goals to synthesize my thoughts and help others interested in (and possibly intimidated by) technology and software.

For the rest of 2013, I expanded the blog to cover a variety of topics I learned in my deep dive into tech including hardware, software and data science. There was a long silence in content between Oct ’13 and Jan ’14 while I was busy with independent studies, conferences and hackathons.

In Jan. 2014, I started attending Zipfian Academy (now owned by Galvanize) and renewed weekly posting regarding the bootcamp experience and data science during the 3 month program. The training really helped me find a career interest in machine learning, and shortly after finishing Zipfian, I landed a job as a data scientist and engineer at Change.org.

I went radio silent again as I went heads down into the new job. The work and continued external studies through meet-ups, training sessions and conferences helped me get more grounded on where I want to focus my energies. I am working to grow my skills on building machine learning, data products at scale, and yes, the term big data can be used to cover what I’m talking about.

Where I’m at now is trying to learn as much about how machine learning algorithms work and how to apply them as well as systems engineering to be able to implement them especially in a distributed fashion. Its still a broad spectrum and a continued firehose. It is nice to have more knowledge about the space and clarity on what really interests me.

Its also weird that its been almost two years since I started Hackbright and a year since I started Zipfian. A lot has changed that sometimes makes ti feel like its be a lot longer. So now what…

I am going to make an attempt to post again (tbd on frequency) about topics I’m tackling along the way from machine learning to systems and tools.  The motivation has been and will continue to be to help me synthesize what I’ve learned as much as it is to help others interested in tech and data. It’s a plus if it inspires a few out there to realize that it is possible to make a complete shift in your life (whatever the change is that you are seeking). It’s all about how much are you willing to sacrifice, how hard will you work for it and what will you miss in not taking the risk.



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