Quick Update on Zipfian and Week 7

Another short one on what was covered this week at Zipfian. Also, for anyone interested, below is a photo of the classroom to give context on where we are working from. 2014-02-18 15.34.38

Its a good space. Far in the front is the work and lecture space and the area closest to the camera is more where we take breaks and eat.

This week was about diving into complex machine learning algorithms. Topics we covered:

  • Supervised Learning
  • SVM
  • K Nearest Neighbors
  • Decision Trees & Random Forest
  • Neural Networks
  • Time Series

I’m not going to explain the above in detail because time is a bit limited this weekend, but I recommend checking them out. Additional note, I’ve spoken to some data scientists who say they typically use the less complex algorithms to do their work because something like a Random Forest is difficult to implement in production.

We also submitted preliminary project proposals and worked on narrowing down our ideas. Final proposals are due next week and then its a free-for-all getting started (if we haven’t already). I definitely have an idea of the direction I’m going in and working to flesh that out. I’ll provide more details on the project in a future blogpost, and I will say that it aligns to my interest in making computers smarter.

Next week the plan is for us to review content and run through case studies to practice our skills.



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