Week 10 – Graduation!

In the true spirit of graduation, I am posting this late and after the fact. I can’t believe 10 weeks have come and gone. I know I’m also not fully feeling it yet since most of us have transitioned into the post graduation job search.

May 10th on week 10 was our official graduation day. Although, it felt like we started celebrating graduation after Career Day, and didn’t let up until that weekend. Right after Career Day, most of us went out to let our hair down and celebrate a pretty amazing accomplishment.

I’m not 100% sure where the next 3 days went since I know I went to school, but the tone and focus had completely shifted. People were not as heads down on projects, but there was still a lot of activity. We were definitely spending time connecting more with each other since some were not coming back the following week.  Many of us were working on interview questions, resumes, posting projects on Heroku and follow-ups with companies. Some people even started interviewing with companies as early as Thurs.

There was a Girl Geek dinner held for Hackbright at the Google San Francisco office on Thurs. night where we presented some of our projects, talked about the Hackbright experience and even walked across the stage to proclaim our accomplishment. Then Friday all bets were off. We got almost everyone into school by noon (just barely) where we presented the instructors with gifts, and we were given our hoodies and something that is much better than a diploma. (I am deliberately leaving that off.)

Afterwards it was just a free-for-all of fun, movies, forts, games, geeking out and spending time together while we still had time. Slowly people started to leave as the it got later in the day, but a core of the group hung in and stayed the night. The next day Cynthia hosted a BBQ at her place to help cap off the full graduation experience.

It went fast and although I’m thrilled to have come so far, I’m sad its “officially” complete. This group of women and the instructors have meant the world to me. I am already missing them even though thankfully I still see several of them right now at school while we are preparing for interviews. It has been a wonderful experience that I would never expect to duplicate, but I do hope to find ways to add to the experience for those that come afterwards.



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