In Need of a Neck Beard

Neck Beard

In Hackbright we talk and joke a lot about the great, mighty beards of computer scientists and software engineers. Initially, I was clueless to the jokes. Not a fan of beards, I couldn’t understand why anyone would want one.

Apparently, there is a tendency in the computer science community (esp. from the older school) to grow beards. The beards are supposed to be a symbol of the scientist’s knowledge and prowess in the field. We would talk about the long beards and grey beards and so forth. Yes, there was Lord of the Rings references at times when discussing beards.

So I got that correlation point, but it wasn’t till I was halfway through the program that I really got the underlying point. I find myself regularly grabbing at my chin in thought when discussing different topics at school. I frequently wish there was something more there to get a good hold of. My classmates, and I have joked about tying our hair into a ponytail in front of our faces as an alternative, but it just is not the same.

Thus, I now have neck beard envy. “Oh ye mighty beard, how I get it now.”



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