Finding a Project

As we near the halfway mark of our program, the top of mind question is: ‘What project will I work on?’

It can be a stressful question when there is still so much to learn, there are concerns with picking something too simple or too complex, there are so many options to pick from, and that we know it will influence whether anyone at career day will invite us to interview.

The instructors at Hackbright have been providing one-on-one guidance last week and will continue this week to help coach students picking a worthwhile and reasonable project. They’ve already given pointers to us about not picking something that is mobile or just front-end. They are recommending to go for something that can present our ability to work across the stack. One recommendation that is coming through from the instructors and the mentors is that we should focus on something that is reasonably attainable and then build out from there.

I’ve already heard some really interesting ideas from my classmates and admittedly, I want to try to do them all myself.  One project that someone is taking on this year is writing a compiler and I heard from an alum that she developer her own web analytics tools.

My main interest is around data analytics and the tools that are in existence or being created to improve this field. I’m also fascinated by the cheap, mini computers / electronics that are out there and their potential use. Similar to programming, electronics have intimidated me. Thus I thought, it would be good to tackle that challenge while in a classroom environment.

Recently, I purchased the Arduino and Raspberry Pi and I currently plan to use them in my project. I’m still noodling on the specific project goal. My general direction is to integrate the two technologies and use a type of sensor to collect/analyze data and then present back a decision/reaction/output.

More to come and soon on where this will go next.



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